“…what harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever…” 2 Corinthians 6:15 (NIV)

There are different kinds of unbelievers in the world today whom the devil uses as vessels, to deceive the ignorant ones. If you don’t want to be deceived by them you must learn to identify them so as to avoid them. There is the Atheist, who says there is no God and does not believe in the existence of God. There is the Agnostic who says that no one can say whether there is God or not because there is simply not enough evidence of the existence of God. And there is the skeptic who strictly lives by his five senses and says since God cannot be touched, smelled, seen, or heard, God does not exist. He believes that anything that is not within the realm of the five senses does not exist. And finally, there is the infidel who doesn’t believe in God and also goes ahead to speak against those who do. He is intolerant of religion and those who believe in God. 

All these and many more are everywhere ready to be used by the devil to dissuade men from the truth. But as a child of God, you have a responsibility to identify them and stay away from such people because they are negative influences. Their unique identity is doubt and unbelief in God. When you find yourself in their midst, do all you can to flee from them before they influence you with their thinking and ideologies. I know that sometimes, there is this temptation to try to argue with them, so that you can try to convince them and show them the truth but the Bible clearly reminds us saying, “…avoid stupid arguments, long lists of ancestors, quarrels and fights about the law. They are useless and worthless…”Titus 3:9 (GNB). Did you see that? Instead of trying to get into an argument with such people, avoid them so that you can keep your faith alive and burning. I know you might say, but I am not supposed to defend the Gospel, well, of course you are supposed to defend the Gospel, but it is to those whom you know they are willing to listen and believe. Praise God!


Avoid people who will drag you into unnecessary arguments and kill your faith!


Glorious and ever living Father, I am grateful for this wonderful teaching today, the wisdom to discern such people and avoid them is at work in me and I am making the right decisions each time I come in contact with such people in Jesus name. Amen!

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