“…the righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all…” Psalms 34:19 (NIV)

When you take a closer look at the above scripture, it lets us know that the righteous will always have many troubles, but in all his troubles, the Lord will deliver him from them all. This is an assurance that we have in our walk with the Lord. Therefore, if you have had so many troubles in the last year, be rest assured that this New Year will be different. No matter what you have been through, you must understand that the Lord will certainly deliver you from them all. So, restart and re-fire this year. Refuse to stay down or be discouraged because of the failures of last year. Refuse to give up because of the difficulties of yesterday. This is a new year, and it promises to be better. Arise and pick up from where you left off. Tell yourself there is no room for giving up or breaking down, because, against all odds, the victory belongs to you. 

The question is, what are those things you want to achieve this year? What are those things you want to do for the Lord and for yourself this year? It is possible, if only you will reset, restart and relaunch. Most times, we tend to give up because our efforts yesterday didn’t work out well, but the truth is, if yesterday’s efforts did not produce results, it does not mean today’s efforts will not produce results. You just have to keep trying and make a conscious decision to win. So get back to that dream of yours, start again, apply new strategies and see things take shape in your life. Remember this New Year has whole new opportunities waiting for you to take advantage of therefore do the needful and win. The woman with the issue of blood in the Bible fought for her healing for twelve long years without any results but she didn’t give up. She kept on trying and that was what led her to touch the garment of Jesus. She told herself, “If only I may touch His garment, I shall be made well” and behold she got her healing (Matthew 9:20-21 NKJV). Why? Because she tried again. So do not wait any longer, get to work and make the New Year worthwhile. Enjoy the New Year and God bless you!


It’s a New Year. Take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead and refuse to allow anything to stop you!


Gracious father, I am grateful for launching me into this New Year. I declare that this year I am making progress on all sides and seeing remarkable changes in my life. I refuse to consider the disappointments of yesterday or be held back by the failures of yester-years. I look on ahead because I know my future is bright and am fulfilling my destiny in the Name of Jesus. Amen!


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