“…a little one can become a thousand and a small one a strong nation. I the Lord will hasten it in its time…” —Isaiah 60:22

Are you confused about God’s plans for your life? Are you living in doubt and thinking there is nothing in this world for you? Have you tried all you can and it all seems to be fruitless? Have you looked at yourself and felt you are too small to achieve anything? Well, don’t feel that way, because I have got good news for you. You can be bigger than you think, you can do better than you can imagine and you can produce better results than you envisaged. You can move from being small to becoming very big.  and you can move from being weak to becoming the strongest. God planned you, even before you were born, and God knew and still knows that there will be moments in your life when you will feel low or feel less about yourself and He planned this scripture for you and it says, “…a little one can become a thousand and a small one a strong nation…” Isaiah 60:22 (NKJV). Well, this is God giving you a cheer and telling you not to give up, this is God telling you that you can do that difficult task and have better results. This is God telling you to keep moving and not quit because what you are working on right now can become greater. 

That church you are pastoring that looks as though it’s going to close down can increase to a thousand. That business you have given up on can start bringing in your daily bread, that job you don’t love can become your source of joy. Everything can improve; everything can get better, right now. This is what God is saying to you because this is what He has done for you in Christ Jesus. Do you think it is impossible? Have things gone so bad in your life you feel nothing can change it? Does the story of Joseph the slave boy sound familiar to you? Do you remember that he was a prisoner who later became the prime minister of Egypt? Do you remember, He was a foreigner, but yet he attained this position? Beloved, anything is possible. In those days, it was not allowed for a foreign slave to rise as high as a prime minister in Egypt. But it happened because it was God making it happen. And it all happened within the snap of a finger. This tells us nothing is impossible especially with God on our side like he was with Joseph. So what are you expected to do now? Don’t stay small and don’t stay weak, instead increase and keep increasing. Get strong and keep getting stronger. This is the vision of God for you, accept it and walk in the light of it


Nothing is impossible with God!


Thank you, Lord God, for the grace you have given to us to increase and grow stronger. Now that I have received this information in my spirit, I declare that every little thing I have is increasing, and every small thing is growing better


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