“…He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses…” Matthew 8:17 (NKJV)

Having established in the first part of this article that our Lord Jesus Christ took your infirmity, you must understand that if you do not take this truth personally and act on them, the devil will keep bring up these symptoms to make you believe that you have no such provision in Christ Jesus for healing. Unfortunately, this is what many believers have come to believe today that has made them to still entertain sickness in their lives and cannot really stand their ground to cast that sickness out. However, if you want your case to be different, you have a responsibility to stand your ground and rebuke that infirmity. I know it might sound ridiculous but that is what the word of God encourages us to do. The Bible has made us to understand that “…He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses…” Matthew 8:17 (NKJV). Therefore, why should still be afflicted with what our Lord Jesus Christ took away?

So I admonish you today to stand your ground against any form of ailment and rebuke it because Jesus Christ already took care of it. If you don’t stand your ground, the devil can still use these things to imprison you and make you feel that God has abandoned you, when He has already made you free. So I charge you today to stand your ground and insist on your healing in any area of your body where you need healing. And if you are feeling anything in your body right now, insist on divine health because that is God’s original idea from the beginning. He didn’t create you so that you could fall sick or die through sickness. No, He created you to live in divine health but when the first Adam made a mistake, man fell from the glory and God’s plan was altered. However, He sent Jesus Christ to put things in place and that which was taken from man was restored and made even better. Today, we have eternal life- the life of God in us because Jesus made it possible. Don’t take it lightly and you will not waste your money on hospital bills ever again. Praise God!


There is no need carrying any sickness in your body when Jesus already took it and nailed it to the cross!


Jesus took sickness and infirmities away, therefore, I declare that sickness is no longer permitted in your body, and by the power of the finished works of Jesus Christ, anything that is not of God in my body trying to become comfortable in me, I rebuke you and cast you out in the name of Jesus. Amen! 

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