“…being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform…” Romans 4:22 (NKJV)

Something happened recently that taught me a big lesson. My daughter was refusing to take a bath. She kept evading her mother jokingly but she seriously did not want to take a bath. So, the matter came to me and I said to her, if you agree to take your bath, I will give you my iPad to watch cartoons. Now, this is something I don’t do, but just to try to get her to take a bath, I made her a promise. Interestingly, when I made that promise, I did that because I didn’t want to have to force her but expected that she would forget about it after her bath was done.

She gladly went into the bathroom with her mother and had her bath. After she was done, she came to me without saying a word and would look at me, then at my iPad. She did that for a while and wore a sad look on her face. At first, I didn’t understand what she meant because I had forgotten the promise I made to her, but guess what she didn’t forget. She took my promise seriously and came back expecting me to fulfil my end of the bargain. Then I remembered the promise I made, and I had no choice but to give it to her because she had fulfilled her own end of the bargain. After that day, she didn’t ask for the iPad and that was it. She knew it was a promise and all she did was to get me to remember my promise.

Beloved, that moment gave me a new perspective. The Spirit of God whispered to me and said if you an earthly father can fulfil the promise you made to your child, what happens between you and God? In an instant, it dawned on me that, if we can only remember the promises God made to us and remind Him of them, He would certainly grant the desires of our heart. The challenge is that not many even remember or know the promises that God has made to them in different situations. So, even when they approach God, it is without legitimate reasons. But if you would make an adjustment today, I can assure you that there will be a change in the way you receive from God. Trust me, God does not forget His promises, He is always ready to fulfil His promises towards you, but you must know the promises He has made and lay claims to them because truly, God does not forget His promises and He is ever ready to bring them to fruition in your life.

Papa Abraham understood this truth, and even when there was no hope of having children, the Bible recorded that he still believed in hope and was strong in faith, giving glory to God, why? Because he was convinced that what God had promised, He was also able to perform and therefore, it was accounted for him for righteousness (Scripture Reference: Romans 4:19-22).

So I admonish you today to go back to the scriptures and search for God’s promises, arm yourself with them and go back to God with them and you can be sure to walk in the reality of God’s promises.


If we can only remember the promises God made to us and remind Him of it, He would certainly grant the desires of our heart!


Glorious and Ever-living Father, I thank you for your word today which has come to bless my heart. I choose this day to go back to the scriptures to acquaint myself with your promises so that I can lay claims to it and as I do, I make real progress in Jesus’ name. Amen!


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