“…but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Romans 12:2 ( NKJV)

Having established the importance of occupying your mind with the word of God in the first part of this article, someone might say how do I occupy my mind with the word of God? It’s simple! There are three major ways you can do that. Number one, you must deliberately give yourself to studying the word of God, this is particularly for those who can read. Studying the word of God has a way of impacting your mind, not just with the written letter but with the spirit behind the letter. What this accomplishes in you is that it helps you to know the mind of God regarding certain matters, and it persuades you to align your life with that which God has spoken about.

Number two, you must deliberately hear the preaching of God’s word. Sometimes, no matter how we try, we are not always able to get a proper understanding of what we are reading in the scriptures, but when you listen to the preaching or teaching of God’s word, it breaks it down to help us to fully understand what the Bible is talking about. And what this accomplishes in your life, is that it causes your faith to be strong, bold and established, because it is written, “…faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God…” Romans 10:17( NKJV)

Number three, you must deliberately meditate on the word of God. In other words, you have to give time to meditation. You have to ponder on what you have heard or read, understand it properly and let it become a part of you. One thing meditation does for you is that it helps you to strike up a relationship with the word of God and this is where the word of God becomes potent and active in your life. So, as you journey in your Christian walk, make a conscious decision to take these three things seriously and do the needful in your life. When you invest more of God’s word into your mind, it will eventually mold you and make you the man or woman that God has ordained for you to be.


If you can cultivate the discipline of investing God’s word into your mind and meditating on it, it will make you become what God has planned for you!


Father, I am grateful for this truth you have brought to me today. I choose this day to hear and understand God’s word and as I do, my world is lit up with light in Jesus name. Amen!

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