“…he spoke a parable to them that men always ought to pray and not lose heart…” Luke 18:1 (NKJV)

Most times, when God’s people go through difficulties, all they do is just complain and get depressed.  But the question I want to ask you today is, have you been praying in all that you are going through? This might sound strange to you because you feel you are praying. But this question today is to help you review your prayer life and see if it is truly up to standard. So I ask you, again, have you been praying? A major issue that has taken hold of lots of God’s people today is the lack of prayers. Too many are no longer prayerful. They come to church quite alright but when it comes to prayer, they have become too discouraged and very lazy to pray and they give the excuses of being busy, trying to justify their lapses, but this is not the way forward for a child of God. As a Christian, it is important to know that prayers are an integral part of our walk with God. Without it, there is no relationship with God. 

You’ve got to understand that prayers strengthen our relationship with God and establish our ground in God. It is a compulsory thing to engage in if we don’t want to walk as victims in this world and lose our inheritance in Christ Jesus. I want you to read that again. Prayer is one important thing you must engage in often as a believer if you do not want to be a victim in this world. So do all you can to be steadfast in prayers, and when I mean steadfast, I mean praying always and praying qualitatively, that is spending time in the presence of God speaking to Him and waiting for Him to speak to you as well. And when you do this, enjoy the process. Do not let prayer be a boring thing to you because that is one thing that the devil has used to trap many believers today. They feel that prayer is boring but the truth remains that prayer is a communication between a child and His father. And if you truly love the father, this communication should never be a boring one. Therefore, be encouraged today to take prayer seriously. It is one of the key things you must do to affirm your faith in God and His power. It is the tool God has given to you to take charge in this wicked world and win. No wonder, our Lord Jesus Christ said, “…men always ought to pray and not lose heart…” Luke 18:1 (NKJV)  Hallelujah!


If you are going to walk in true faith and conquer the whirls of the enemy, you must be willing to pray!


Thank you Heavenly Father, for this wonderful insight today. I choose to be a believer who prays and as I do, I choose to enjoy the process and conquer in all things in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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