“…whoever loves money never has enough. Whoever has wealth is never satisfied with their income…”—Ecclesiastic 5:10 (NIV)

The love for money has damaged the world’s economy. Every man is for himself, thinking of how he can help himself make more money than he already has. But I have come to realize that the word of God is truth. Money is never enough, the ones who have it always want more, and the ones who don’t have it seek after it like slaves, willing to get it at any cost. Brothers would betray each other for money, marriages are breaking every day because the man is too busy chasing money than a peaceful home. Countries’ economies have been destroyed because those in power prioritize monetary gain over the welfare of their citizens. The world is full of people whose only concern is money. Many are too busy to serve the Lord because money won’t give them enough time so they say, “…I will serve God after I have made money…”.

Many others will not serve God because they feel He hasn’t given them the money they need, while some only serve God when He blesses them with money. The question is, should it be like this? Will there be a time when a man will tell himself I have made enough money I should just stop? Is there a certain amount of money that can ever be enough for man? Well, the answer is No. No matter how much you make, it is always never enough. When you live this way, you end up losing more than the monetary profit you are in pursuit of. You are losing out on rich fellowship with God, and the day you find yourself in a situation where the currency require for solution is fellowship, you will end up stuck, because all you have now is money and not fellowship.

So, as you journey in your walk with God, always choose God whenever you get the opportunity to. Do not be like the heathen who prefer to put God aside and go after money. They are acting from a place of ignorance and are paying the heavy price of choosing money over God. Therefore, do not live your life like this. Instead, pursue God and every other thing that you are looking for will come after you. It is, for this reason, the Bible says, “…seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and every other thing will be added to you…” (paraphrased) Matthew 6:35 Praise God!


Every time you have an opportunity to choose between God and money, choose God because that choice will benefit you more!


Father, I am grateful for this timely message you have brought to me. I am sorry for any time I may have chosen money over you. I choose this day to always choose you and nothing else. I choose this day to always go after you and all that matters to you. I decree that as I do this, I am walking in the blessings of choosing you in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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