“…whoever loves money never has enough. Whoever has wealth is never satisfied with their income…”— Ecclesiastes 5:10 (NIV)

Just like we established in the first part of this article, it is important to always choose God over money because this kind of situation will always present itself, and when it does, you must be wise enough to choose rightly. Someone may say, But why are you emphasizing this so much? Well, it is simple. You must understand that money has made itself a god in the world, and many serve and worship it unknowingly. People will flock to you and be friends with you when you have money to spend, but when the money’s gone, so will everyone around you go. Today, relationships are based on money. This should not be, money isn’t God and shouldn’t be your God. Now, do not get me wrong. Money is good and according to the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes 7:12, “…money is a defense…” and it can do so much in your life. But you see, it should never become your master, because money is a terrible master. It can take possession of you and ruin you in the end.

Therefore, do not choose it over God, and do not serve it or make it your master. We serve God because He has much more to give us than money can buy. God gives us life, it’s only a man who is alive that can make use of money, the dead can’t. God gives us health and peace, and He gives us money and the wisdom to spend it. If you let serving God become conditional on whether He gave you money or not, you should ask yourself if you don’t need the life that He has given you or if you don’t need divine health. There is so much to benefit in serving the Lord, as a matter of fact, the benefits that mouths can’t talk about, or that the mind doesn’t even think of, are what serving the Lord brings to you. We usually don’t know what we need from God, and therefore always ask for those things that we can see, feel, or touch. But the truth remains that there are a lot of other intangible things God gives us that we never ask for. And these benefits are what we get from serving the Lord; they are benefits money cannot afford. So, as you journey in your walk with God, never allow money to get in the way. Make a conscious decision to always choose God over money. If you can do this, money will come looking for you, and your fellowship with God will remain intact. Amen!


God has much more to give us than money will give us!


Dear Father, I thank you for the love you have bestowed on me, and for the favors I receive. I thank You for the air I breathe, the life I live, the salvation I have received, and every other thing You give. I declare that I will always serve you and will not let money come in the way of my service

to you in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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