“…be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God…” Philippians 4: 6 (NKJV)

Having established in the first part of this article the importance of arguing your case before God after presenting it, we will be looking at practical steps that will help us. After you have presented your case, God expects you to argue it and make demands based on the provision that has been made available to us in the Holy Scriptures. You are expected to give God reasons why certain issues have to be sorted out because that is what is written in the scriptures. For example, if you are presenting a case to God before His throne of Grace about your health, you are expected to go ahead and argue it by saying that according to the New Testament given to us, those of us in Christ have been given eternal life, your word declares in John 3:16 that “he that believes in Christ should not perish but have eternal life” and this eternal life cannot be afflicted or destroyed, so I demand that this sickness be destroyed and flushed out of my system in the name of Jesus. 

When you do this, all of nature and even your body respond, because you are not just praying, but quoting from the provisions that have already been made available in the scriptures. All of heaven backs you up in your plea and before long you see things begin to take shape.  What I am sharing with you now is so important because even the devil knows the provisions in the New Testament. So when he hears you speak about these provisions, he has no choice but to let go, because he knows can’t win. The scriptures are far stronger than any attacks of the devil.  When you continue to pray like this and refer to several scriptures that connect to the present situation of things, there will certainly be a turnaround.  Therefore, make up your mind today, not just only to present your case in prayers, but argue them also with every scripture that connects to that matter. God is looking for people who will not just only pray but argue their case through their knowledge and understanding of the provisions that have been made available.


God is looking for men and women who will not just only pray but argue their case through their knowledge and understanding of the provisions that have been made available.


Gracious King, I thank you for teaching me how to pray more effectively, I am grateful for this knowledge and I declare that my pattern of prayer changes from today, I will no longer only present my case but I receive grace to also argue the case with the required information given to me in the scriptures in Jesus name. Amen!

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