“Since you are God’s dear children, you must try to be like him. Your life must be controlled by love, just as Christ loved us and gave his life for us as a sweet-smelling offering and sacrifice that pleases God….”Ephesians 5:1-2 (GNT‬‬).

What controls your life? Is it love or hatred? As simple as this question might sound, you must learn to ask yourself this question every day and the reason is because it will help you to know the influence you are running on from time to time. This may not be a big deal for many people but trust me, it is a big deal and I will explain. You see, when you are not conscious of what is controlling your life from time to time, you could be Influenced by hatred and bitterness without knowing it, and before long, all your actions will start reflecting bitterness and hatred. Even when you speak, you will speak from a place of bitterness and hatred.

Years ago, I used to have a friend who was so depressed and angry, and all he would say to me was, I feel like taking a matchet and going out there to cut anyone I see. At first, I would laugh about it, and ask why he was thinking that way. But years have come and gone, and I realized that this young man was controlled by hatred and not love. Although he never carried out that desire, such a desire was there because he was under the control of bitterness and hatred. But you can choose to live your life differently. You can choose to be controlled by love. You might say but how do I do this?” Well, it is simple! Understand what love truly is and then align yourself with it. Now, in case you do not know the Bible’s definition of love, let us take a look at it in the book of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7, ‭it says, “…Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail…” Did you see that? If you can live your life based on the Bible’s definition of love, you will certainly not be controlled by anything else but love. Therefore, become conscious of what controls your life. Hallelujah!


No matter what you face or go through, let love control you and nothing else!


Father, I am grateful for this wonderful truth you have revealed to me today. I choose to be controlled by love and not bitterness; as I do this, I declare that I am excelling in all areas of my life in Jesus name. Amen!

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