“…I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one….” 1 John 2:14B (NKJV)

There are key things to take note of in the opening scripture written by John the apostle. He speaks about being strong, he speaks about the word and also overcoming the wicked one. From his writings in the opening text, we are able to understand the way God wants us to see ourselves. He wants us to possess a mind-set of strength and not weakness. He doesn’t want us to see impossibilities in our lives, rather he wants us to see the possibilities in all that concerns us. It’s true that in life we could face many challenges, challenges that may begin to threaten your life, or even shake your faith and sometimes alter your belief in God and His power, but in all these, God is saying you are strong. So, see yourself as an overcomer and not a loser. Remember, when you do this, God expects you to be rich in the revelation of His word and be full of his word because this is where your strength comes from, this is where the overcoming life is birthed. 

Therefore, give yourself to the word of God daily, and as you do, be persuaded by what it says and let it form your mindset and thought process. When you do this, see yourself overcoming every challenge, see yourself defeating every obstacle standing in your way, because a strong man fights to win and not to lose, a strong man fights till the end, a strong man doesn’t give up on his fight. A strong man or woman is who God has made you, this is how God sees you and this is how he wants you to see yourselves. Yes of course the wicked one will come at you, he will do everything possible to try to bring you down, he will show you things that make it seem like you are weak, but be strong because the real you has defeated him already. Do not let the devil breathe fear into you and make you feel life is over or hope is lost, don’t give the devil room to laugh at you saying he has won, because he cannot win except you let him. Accept your status as an overcomer in all things and stay an overcomer. Remember, it is written, “whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world…” 1 John 5:4 (NKJV), therefore glory in this status because you have overcome the world, Praise God! 


Stay on the word, be strong and overcome all things.


Sweet Jesus, I thank you for dying for me, and making me an overcomer in all things, I declare that the reality of this truth continues to be my strength and the ability to scale through and win is effectively at work in my life, therefore I proclaim my victory and live in victory in Jesus Name. Amen!

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