“… Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit (through factional motive or strife), but with (an attitude of) humility (being neither arrogant nor self-righteous), regard others as more important than yourselves…”  Philippians 2:3 (AMP)  

When I see believers treat other believers with disdain, hatred and wickedness, I can’t help but ask, “where is his love for his neighbour?” Where is the love of Christ that is shared abroad in our heart by the Holy Ghost?” The word of God has made it very clear how God wants us to treat our neighbour. And the only option He gave us is; to treat our neighbours the way we treat ourselves. This is because God knows that we love ourselves so much, and we would not allow anything bad to happen to us. So He says to us if you can treat yourself with love and care, then do the same to your neighbour. And do not do to them what you won’t be able to do to yourself. But yet, you still find Christians who go the other way. They are unable to show any love or care to their neighbour. They do to their neighbour exactly what they would not like other people to do to them.

So the question I am asking you today is; “what you can’t take, why do you think another should take it? What you do not expect to be done to you, why do you think you should do it to other people? Does it not occur to you that this is the same way you will feel if the case is reversed?” It’s amazing how much we can love ourselves, to the point that we always do everything to protect our interests. Yet you see people trying to take advantage of a friend, a sister, a neighbour or a colleague. A man would stop at nothing to steal from his business partners. Every man is now for himself, always thinking about what would please him and what would not, what would hurt him and what would not. This was what happened between Cain and Abel, and it made Cain kill his brother, and he carried that stigma forever. Everywhere the story of Cain is mentioned, he is known as the killer. He never loved his brother the way he loved himself. (Reference Genesis 4:1-16). Instead, he hated his brother to the point he could consider killing him. But this should not be your lot. Do not be like Cain, love your brother,  the way you would yourself. God bless you.


Don’t love selfishly, love your brother without thinking of yourself! 


Father! I thank you because you are love, and I’m exactly like you. I love you and can love everyone around me just the way I love myself. I declare that my love for my brother is not selfish or conceited, but an expression of who you are and who you want me to be. Amen!

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