“…Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth….” John 17:17 (KJV)

Peter, James, and John saw Jesus die. And so did Mary His mother, and Thomas. Before their eyes He was beaten, He was bruised, He was pierced. And right before them, He said to God, “into your hands I commend my spirit.” Luke 23:46 (NKJV) And He was gone, I mean He was dead. The spirit of our Lord left His body, and His death was registered. He was not in a coma; He had died and everyone around Him saw it. They saw blood and water gush out of Him as the Roman soldier pierced His side. So, it was no surprise that Thomas felt, nobody could tell him otherwise because he knew what he saw. He had watched as the lifeless body of the Lord was brought down from the cross and he concluded that His master was gone.

After some days, people began to say to one another that they had seen the Lord. Many doubted that this was possible even though Jesus had told them earlier that He would rise from the dead. It was difficult for them to accept that the Lord had risen because they believed too much in what they had seen. They didn’t hold on to the truth of the Word of the Lord which they had heard. They were lost in the realm of sight the way many of God’s people are today.

They have experienced a lot of things in their lives, to the point where they never expect there could be any change in their situation. But you must learn to hold on to what you know from God’s word and not what you see in your current predicament. You must always understand that life is beyond what you see. Therefore, it is important to remember that the Word of God is the only truth, so it doesn’t matter if your situation says otherwise. So, take your eyes away from the pressures around you, and receive a solution in the truth of God’s word. Refuse to dwell in the realm of sight; rather, dwell in God’s word which is the truth you require to win in life. Praise God! 


Hold on to the truth, the truth is what the Word of God has revealed to you!


Thank you Father, for giving me access to your truth and for making the truth known to me in your word. I receive your truth concerning me and concerning everything I do. I declare that every step I take in life will be dependent on the truth in your word and not the lie in the situation I experience. Praise God.

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