“…and now, O inhabitants of Jerusalem and men of Judah, judge, please, between Me and My vineyard. What more could have been done to my vineyard that I have not done in it? Why then, when I expected it to bring forth good grapes, did it bring forth wild grapes?” Isaiah 5:3-4(NKJV)

Being fruitful and productive is a choice that everyone has to make. Why? Because all that we need to be fruitful was given to us by God the day we gave our life to Christ. It is not God’s desire that any man should be in trouble or incapable of taking care of himself. When faced with life challenges people tend to think, God doesn’t want them to make progress or achieve the set target, but that is not true. Regardless of what you may sometimes think, God wants and needs you to be productive in what you do. Our opening scripture is very clear on that. God expected his vineyard to produce good grapes because he had cultivated it and given it all it required to produce extraordinary results yet the results did not come. When you study the scriptures from Isaiah 5:5-7, we discover that the vineyard which God spoke about was the children of Israel. He had given them all that was necessary to make them fruitful, but they refused.

Today, even as Christians, God expects us to be fruitful and productive. He has furnished us with a lot of things to help us achieve results. He cleansed us from sin, and made us righteous. He gave us His life and made us His sons. He gave us the Name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to live within us. He has given us everything we need to be who He wants us to be. Unfortunately, a lot of Christians still hold God responsible for their misfortune or lack of fortune. They think God has not done enough to help them, they think God is the one with the responsibility to do something in their troubled time. But in God’s word, we are able to deduce that we are responsible for every level we find ourselves, and we just need to take advantage of all that God has given to us and bear fruit. Hallelujah!


Do not hold God responsible for your challenge because the ability to cause a change has already been given to you by God!


Faithful Father! I thank you for your loving kindness, and for all that you have given me in this life and in the life to come. I take advantage of your gifts within me, and I declare that from today, there is no room for failure or defeat in Jesus name. Amen!


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