…that I may boldly say, the Lord is my helper and I will not fear what man shall do unto me…” Hebrews 13:6 (KJV)

All around the world so much has been taught about prayers but some of the things that have been taught about prayers are not quite correct. And one of those things that have been taught is that prayers are to be recited. Many have been told that when they want to pray, they should keep silent in prayers speaking to God in their heart or recite some prayers regularly or every day and that settles it. But the truth remains that as lovely as these teachings sound in the ears, it does not make it right. Yes, it sounds good and logical, but it does not make it true or scriptural. God is not a machine where you come and input the same things every time you come to it.  You need to understand who God is. When you understand His personality, you will understand what He wants. 

God is a father, our heavenly father and He wants us to maintain a relationship with Him. He wants us to come to Him and discuss with Him. He wants us to be able to come to Him every day with new thoughts, new praises, and new ideas. He wants us to relate with Him the way a son will relate to His father. When you relate with your father in your house, you don’t recite or think your discussions, do you? Certainly not, you communicate with him because he is a rational being. You are able to go to him and say anything. If you are troubled, happy, or facing some difficulties, you are able to go to him and express your concerns because you know that he is able to reason with you and possibly come up with a solution. Now this kind of relationship is what we ought to have with God our father. He is a loving father, who cares and wants the best for you. He is the most attentive father you can ever have and He is able to understand what we go through, sympathize with us and share our feelings. Therefore, whenever you want to pray, pray with this consciousness. Understand that He cares for you and wants you to have a fellowship with Him. When you begin to pray with this understanding, everything around you will change and you will start seeing better results in prayers.


If you want to see better results in the place of prayer, don’t recite them, rather have a discussion or fellowship with God!


All powerful and everliving father, I thank you for this revelation you have brought to me, I thank you for being a father whom I can speak to anytime and communicate the deepest thoughts of my heart whenever I want.  I declare from this day that my relationship with you will be that of a father and child and I will do everything within my reach to keep it this way in Jesus name. Amen!

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