…the Lord sent me to the gate of the Temple where the people of Judah went in to worship. He told me to stand there and announce what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, had to say to them: “Change the way you are living and the things you are doing, and I will let you go on living here…” Jeremiah 7:1‭-‬3 (GNT)

Many times, when people don’t see a desired change in their lives, they get offended and blame God for their predicament. But the question is, are they really right for doing so? Well, the answer is a big No. God is not at fault and should never be blamed for any predicament you find yourself in. Yes, you heard me right. 

Over the years, many have been deceived by the devil to always push the blame on God because they feel God is supposed to take responsibility for everything that concerns them but it is not so. The fact that our God is a loving God and wants to intervene in our lives, doesn’t mean He is now responsible for everything. God has His part to play and you also have your part to play. And part of playing your own role is making sure that you change the way you live your life. 

Most times, people want to see a change in their lives but they are not willing to change the way they live, which in most cases is the reason why nothing is changing. Beloved, you must understand that until and unless you change the way you live, nothing will change in your life. In our opening text, we see that God sent Jeremiah to the people of Judah, saying “…..Change the way you are living and the things you are doing, and I will let you go on living here…” Jeremiah 7:3 (GNT). Did you see that? God was tired of the way they were living their lives. Instead of bringing glory to God, their lifestyle was making them enemies of God, so God had to warn them. Beloved, if you truly want to see God move in your life and change things for good, then you must make a conscious decision to change the way you live. When you do, you will attract the mercy and intervention of God. Halleluiah! 


If you truly want to see changes in your life, change the way you live!


Father,  I am grateful for this wonderful truth you have brought to me today. I receive the grace and tenacity to make the necessary changes in my life and as I do, everything about me changes for good in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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