“…yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this…” Esther 4:14 (NKJV)

Maybe you just lost your job, or your opportunity to be promoted at your job or work place. Maybe you just lost a lot of money because you invested wrongly, maybe your business investors chose someone else and walked away from you, and became investors with your competitors. Maybe you seem to be on the other side of where you planned to be. And you are asking yourself, “Why me?” Maybe you have tried again and again and nothing seems to be working out in your favor. Maybe you have had it to the brim and you are telling yourself, “Why am I always at the other side? Why am I always on the losing side? Why does nothing ever work out for me? Why does everyone seem to be making improvements except me?” Well, you are looking at it from the wrong perspective, you are not disadvantaged like you are thinking. What do you mean? You might ask? Let me explain.

Have you considered that the things you go through may just be God positioning you for the next level? Don’t you know that most people get to the next level by being pushed? Because if it was up to them, they would be just fine where they are.  Queen Esther was carried as a slave to the king’s palace. No one asked her to come willingly to the palace. When she was captured, she would have wept like any other captive, asking God, “Why me?” Not knowing what her faith would be. Little did she know that God ensured that she was captured so that He could make her queen. So her captivity was her divine positioning, a positioning for royalty and kingship, a Positioning to the place where God wanted her to be. This was the way God chose to position her, so she would have an opportunity to meet the King, be loved by him, and ultimately become Queen Esther. (Scripture Reference: Esther 2:5-10). It’s true that you have faced your fair share of disappointment, you have indeed faced your share of heartbreaks. Maybe it’s true you wanted to be made the managing director but seem not to be moving ahead because they brought in someone else. But relax, nothing you go through in your life is a mistake, but a stepping stone to greater glory! All you need to do is understand this truth and align yourself with what God is doing and in due time, God’s plans will manifest before your very eyes. Praise God!


You may have lost some opportunities, don’t fret, God is taking you somewhere!


Glorious Father! I thank you for the training I have received through the things that happened in my life. I thank you for the spiritual positioning that brought me to where I am now. I declare that this same positioning is taking me to that glorious place you have destined for me. Hallelujah! 

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