“…Hear, O earth! Behold, I will certainly bring calamity on these people— The fruit of their thoughts, Because they have not heeded My words Nor My law, but rejected it…”Jeremiah 6:19 (NKJV)

When we take a close look at our opening text, we see that God was going to bring calamity upon His people Israel. Interestingly, this calamity was going to be the fruit of their thoughts. In other words, God’s people were about to suffer calamity in their lives because of the kind of thoughts that they had been harboring in their hearts. From this, we see that our thoughts can bear fruit. They have the capacity to bring to us whatever it is that we allow to fester there. Therefore, it is important that as we journey through life as believers, we ought to become careful of what we allow to go into our hearts because these things determine the kind of fruits that our thoughts will produce.

The question today is, what have you been allowing to go into your heart? What kind of thoughts have you been allowing to fester in your heart? One of the things I noticed is that many people do not really pay attention to this area of their lives. And the reason this happens is that they do not think that their thoughts have the capacity to produce fruit that can either improve or destroy their lives. So, they feed their heart with all kinds of information, and when negative thoughts come, they do nothing about it. In most cases, they dwell so long on such negativity to the point that it begins to come out of their mouth, which ought not to be so. However, you know better now. 

You must understand that your thoughts have power and they contribute a great deal to what will become your experience in the long run. Interestingly, God will relate to you according to what you allow in your heart. It is for this reason, the Bible says, God “is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think..” Ephesians 3:20 (NKJV). Did you see that? It says “above all we ask or think”, which means, what we think also matters. Therefore, give no room to the wrong thoughts so that they do not bear the wrong fruits in your life. Hallelujah!


Give no room for the wrong thoughts and your thoughts will always bear the right fruits


By the power of the Holy Spirit, I receive grace to think the right thoughts that will bear the right fruits in my life. I reject every evil thought that the enemy may want to bring into my life and I allow every good thought that will improve my life and help me to make progress in life in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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