“…and there wasted his possessions on prodigal living…”- Luke 15:13 (NKJV)

Many people today, misuse and squander God’s blessings in their lives and spare little thought for the future. But it is important for you to know that in order to avoid having a difficult future, you must manage today’s abundance so that many days later, you will have enough to continue to live well without going hungry. Some might argue, is that really necessary, when tomorrow can always take care of itself? Well, the reason you must manage today’s blessings is because when it is wasted, it can be very costly. Many have lost their lives, marriages and property because they could not manage what God gave to them. 

So make a conscious decision today to use God’s blessings in your life wisely. Don’t spend carelessly but wisely. Always think about tomorrow and know that what you have right now was given so that you can have to live on tomorrow. Among God’s people today, you discover that there is a lot of suffering and struggling, why? Because at one time or the other when they were blessed, they wasted it and now that opportunity is gone. Be wise and know the right thing to do. The prodigal son spent carelessly and did not plan for the future. So, when the future came, it took him unawares. This will not be your portion, if only you will hearken to these things right now and begin to plan with every blessing that comes your way.

So begin your day today by planning what you will do with the blessings of God that has come to you so far because when that opportunity came to you, it did not come to secure the moment but the future. Therefore, administrate God’s blessings in your life wisely and refuse to be a victim of reckless spending.


Always think about tomorrow and know that what you have today was given to you so that you can have tomorrow!


Heavenly father, I thank you for opening my mind to understand the truth in your word. I thank you for the knowledge I have received concerning abundance management; I prophesy that every blessing that comes my way, will be wisely managed by the leading of your Spirit and my life will move from glory to glory. Halleluiah

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