“…For, as we all know, He (Christ) did not take hold of angels (the fallen angels, to give them a helping hand and delivering hand) but He did take hold of the fallen (descendants of Abraham (to reach out to them a helping and delivering hand) …”

Hebrews 2:16 (AMP)

The devil in his tricky nature will stop at nothing to make you believe that you are worthless and not special, but you see, no matter what he tries to do, one thing is sure, man is special to God, and God did all in His power to preserve mankind. You are special to God whether you believe it or not. He would never have invested so much by sending His Son if you were not special to Him. You can never deny that you are special to God. Saying otherwise would mean believing a lie. In the opening text, we discover that it was not only man (Adam) that fell; angels also fell. There are angels, who disobeyed God, but God never sent His Son to redeem them. He never stretched a helping hand to deliver them. But for you and me, God went the extra mile to deliver us from the domain of darkness. Why us and not His angels? The answer is obvious. We are special to God, and everything about us concerns Him.

He seeks to save us, deliver us and help us because He wants to. Maybe you have never been told, but the price Jesus Christ paid for the world He did, because of you, and if you were the only one in the world, He would still have come for you. So, start recognizing your place in God, accept what Jesus has done for you and begin to freely enjoy the gifts that God has in store for you. Those who were before us, the prophets and kings from before the days of Abraham, waited for the promise and the redemption of the world. It didn’t come in their lifetime, but they believed in it nonetheless. But we have received such great salvation because God chose us to be a part of it. And He chose us because we are special to Him, and He wants to use us to do special and unique things in the world. Now, you may sit down all your life wondering why you were ever born, or you can stand up on your feet and start telling yourself, you were born because you are very special to God. You can shout it out to the world and let them know that you mean a lot to God, and nothing can separate you and God. So, live in the consciousness of this truth and let it control your narrative approach to life in general. Hallelujah!


God seeks to save us, help us and deliver us because He wants to.


Dear Father! I know I am special to you just as Jesus was special, and I would not act otherwise. I take advantage of all that you have done for me, knowing that you love me, and your love for me is forevermore.

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