“…then He spoke a parable to them that men always ought to pray and not lose heart…” —Luke 18:1 (NKJV)

Often, the Holy Spirit being a master communicator, always seeks to communicate several issues to us and encourages us to pray. But because we live in a world where everyone is literally busy the whole day, we find it difficult to follow the guidance of the Spirit and actually pray. All we do most of the time is, keep postponing the prayers, saying to ourselves, we will do it at the right time. But I discovered that there is never a right time. In a world where things keep coming up, the right time would be the one you create, not the one the world gives to you. As far as the world is concerned, there will always be issues that call for your attention. It is your responsibility to schedule your days and have a list of priorities for that day, including prayers. If you don’t do it like this, there will never be a right time.

So, you must make a conscious decision to create time and let prayers, especially the one the Holy Spirit put in your heart, be your major priority. The reason is that whatever the Holy Spirit has asked you to do, it is never for His own good but your own good. That prayer He has asked you to do inside your office or in your car or your business place might be what you need to be saved from armed robbers or accident or evil manipulation. So I encourage you to take the leading of the Holy Spirit in prayers very seriously. The devil will always make you feel there is still time, but the truth is that whenever it is the Holy Spirit that asked you to pray, it means that there is an urgent matter that needs to be sorted out spiritually to avoid it or attract it in the physical. Therefore, do the needful today. What has God laid in your heart in the past few months for you to pray about? Who has He asked you to pray for? What has he asked you to pray about in the recent past? Don’t delay any further; pray now, and receive your miracle. Every instruction from God sets you up for the blessing, so why waste time?


The promptings of the Holy Ghost are for your own good; take it seriously and act!


Dear Heavenly Father, I am sorry for all your promptings that I have ignored in the past. I repent of that today and declare that henceforth, all such promptings will be taken seriously and attended to for my miracles to be established in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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