“…then the seven years of plenty which were in the land of Egypt ended. And the seven years of famine began to come, as Joseph had said. The famine was in all lands, but in all the lands of Egypt there was bread…” —Genesis 41:53-54 (NKJV)

The opening scripture shows a popular story in the Bible of how God used Joseph to save Egypt from a great famine that would have destroyed them. In saving the nation, God gave them a man He had equipped with wisdom to know what he wanted him to do at that time. God blessed Egypt for seven years, and the land yielded in abundance. The Bible records that “…in the seven years of plenty the land brought forth abundantly. So, he gathered up all the food of the seven years, which were in the land of Egypt, and laid up in every city the foods of the fields, which surrounded them. Joseph gathered very much grain, as the sand of the sea, until he stopped counting, for it was immeasurable…” Genesis 41:47-49. In as much as the blessing of God came to Egypt in abundance for seven years, all that came was strategically managed and stored up in the cities so that when famine came, there would be enough for everyone.

And truly, when the seven years of famine came, as seen in the opening text, there was lack everywhere, but in Egypt, there was food. This shows us that it is God’s plan to always provide for us strategically, and God is not a supporter of wasteful living. As many of us who have received blessings from God, again and again, we have a responsibility to manage God’s blessing, which He has given to us. Do not live lavishly and think there won’t be a time when there could be famine. We are indeed sons of God, and we do not experience lack; it doesn’t mean that there won’t be lack in our cities or nations. It doesn’t mean there won’t be an economic meltdown and problems in the world. Being sons and daughters of God means when there is an economic meltdown or situations like in Bible days, we can display wisdom from the abundance that God has given us in the past. I think it’s time you ask yourself what you did with last year’s blessing that you received. I think it’s time you start planning what you will do tomorrow with today’s blessing. And by doing so, just like there was bread in Egypt when other cities faced famine, there will also be bread for you when others face economic challenges. Amen!


God is not a supporter of wasteful living.


Father! Thank you for the abundance that you have always been giving me and the one you plan to continue giving me. I ask you, oh Lord, to help me to cut off wastage from my life. I declare that I will use wisdom in managing all that you bring before me this year, in Jesus’ name. Amen!


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