“…my little children let us not love in word or in tongue, but indeed and in truth…”

1 John 3:18 (NKJV)

Passionate love can be felt physically; it can be seen and touched. When two people are passionately in love with each other you will know. Because the way they speak to each other is different, the smile they give to one another is different; the way they hold each other is different, the way they speak to one another is different. Passionate love is a deep feeling and you will know when you are passionately in love. Now you are wondering what is passionate love? To be passionately in love means to have an intense feeling or longing, burning desire; heartfelt emotion towards another person. It’s easy to find this kind of feeling between a man and a woman. This kind of feeling and intense emotion binds two people together and makes them inseparable. They want to be seen together, always hanging around and hanging onto each other. It’s God’s desire that his children’s feelings towards him become heartfelt, intense, longing and burning. A loving feeling that nothing can quench or destroy.


Do you know what it means to have deep intense feeling towards God? To want to be seen with God, always hanging around Him, being inseparable from God. Some people love God with words only, but you cannot see the love they feel for God, because it’s not deep or intense and not heartfelt. People like this will break up with God very quickly without looking back when the going gets tough. When your love for God isn’t deep or heartfelt, you start giving excuses for why you can’t spend more time with him, or why you can’t pray for a long time. If you love, you should have time to share and communicate the love you feel in your heart. Loving God with your mouth is not the way to love him; your love for God must flow from within you like a river.


If you love God, you should have time to communicate the love you feel Him!


Thank you, precious Father, for loving me passionately, I see your love for me being manifested every day. And I say that I love you too, and I declare that from today my love for you will not end on my lips, but I will let it flow directly from my heart in Jesus name. Amen!



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