“…no grave trouble will overtake the righteous, but the wicked shall be filled with evil…” Proverbs 12:21 (NKJV)

Have you sometimes been in a situation where things were so tough and you were thinking you will never make it out of the situation? Have you ever experienced some situations where the devil starts whispering to you that this is the end for you? Or you are probably going through some stuff right now and you are thinking it’s over? Well, have got news for you, there is no situation that can drown you. For it is written “…no grave trouble will overtake the righteous, but the wicked shall be filled with evil…” Proverbs 12:21 (NKJV). Did you see that? The question is, who is the righteous? It is the man who has received Jesus in to his life.  Meaning, if you are in Christ, you are the righteous one that the Bible is speaking about and because you are the righteous, no grave trouble will overtake you because first you are in Christ and secondly there is an anointing on you that helps you overcome such situations. Your responsibility is to believe this truth and make a conscious decision to appropriate it in your life.

Refuse to pay attention to the lies of the devil. He will surely make you believe that you are sinking, but no matter what you go through, always remember what God said in His words, He said, “…when you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you. For I am the Lord your God, The Holy One of Israel, your saviour; I gave Egypt for your ransom, Ethiopia and Seba in your place. Since you were precious in my sight, you have been honoured and I have loved you…” Isaiah 43:2-4 (NKJV). Now, these were the words He said to the Israelites but they also apply to you because you are His beloved. For them, God gave Egypt for their ransom, but in your own case, God gave Jesus for your ransom. Now, if God could give His son just for you, you must understand that there is nothing He cannot do for you, only believe and walk in the consciousness of this truth in your time of distress. Therefore, square up, chin up, keep your head high and walk in boldness knowing that God has your back. Halleluiah!


No matter what you go through, always remember that God has you covered!


Thank you heavenly father for your assuring words, I choose to continually rest in your word and live in the consciousness of it. I choose to remain bold and composed in whatsoever I go through, because I know that you are watching over me and will not let me down. Thank you heavenly father, I am grateful to you in the name of Jesus. Amen!  

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