“…luxury is not fitting for a fool, much less for a servant to rule over princes….” —Proverbs 19:10 (NKJV)

Most times, you see a man who was once very rich and suddenly his riches have come down to nothing. I once heard a woman say, “In my time I had a lot of money, I have travelled to many countries in the world. But I was not told to invest my money.” She said this statement from a place of deep thinking. She thought about all the millions she had gathered years back, and how right now, she is living from hand to mouth. It’s hard to explain how the mightily rich can become nothing. But the Bible has said it well. Luxury isn’t fitting for a fool. If you are foolish with money, in time to come, the money develops wings and fly away. You didn’t have the wisdom required to keep it for a long time. And the Bible also declares that a slave cannot rule a prince. Why? It’s a matter of skills. Princes are trained to take over the reign of the kingdom, so they are not foolish but are equipped with knowledge necessary to rule a nation.

This means a slave can’t rule them, because slaves lack the required education. Neither can money be in the hands of a fool for a long time. The amazing thing about money is, when money comes, it comes with speed, and a man who does not think will feel this is how it will always come. People, who do not have tomorrow in mind will waste the money they get like the prodigal son whose story we have learnt in the Bible. This has been the story of many from years back. They waste what God gives them, and when they begin to want, they cry and say, “God why me!” They forget that God saw every bit of waste they conducted with the abundance they received. God will always give us luxury, but a man who doesn’t know how to utilize luxury can never have it for a long time. It will come and go just the way it came, very quickly.


If you are foolish with money in time to come, money will develop wings and fly away.


Thank you, Jesus, for providing me with my daily bread and adding luxury to my life. I thank you because you counted me worthy to enjoy the extra wealth that I do not need, I will not disappoint you. But will put every gift you have given me to work. Hallelujah!

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