“…remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith…” —Hebrews 13:7 (NIV)

You may have been through a lot in your life, you may have tried several things and failed and these have given you a certain conclusion that “Nothing is going to work out.” You may have had a bad experience, and you are saying to yourself, “Am never going to try that again.” Maybe your bad experiences yesterday, have made you conclude that tomorrow is not going to be any better. So, you have made a habit of saying to yourself, “It is not going to work out.” So, you live every day of your life, allowing yesterday’s mistake to determine the outcome of tomorrow. Well, if you are in that position right now, I would like to encourage you to think again. No matter what you have gone through in the past or the failures you have had in the past, it is important to know that, the fact that you tried and failed yesterday, does not mean that there will still be the results tomorrow. It is true you tried yesterday and failed but that should not deter you from trying again. Learn to always try again and do not stop yourself from trying again. It’s time you understand that; you can’t carry yesterday’s fear and failures into tomorrow’s future. You have got to try again.

Don’t predict the outcome of your situations negatively because you had one bad experience. Every experience we have in life, whether good or bad, is to attain better skills for tomorrow. So, a bad past is not a determining factor for tomorrow’s success. In fact, a bad past is a required skill for tomorrow’s future. Because the mistakes we make, come to make us stronger and better equipped for tomorrow. The mistakes we made yesterday happened not to make us unqualified, but to make us qualified for tomorrow’s promotion. So, every time we make a mistake, we get better. Every time things don’t work out as we expect, it adds to our experience, so that we can be qualified for tomorrow’s advancement. Therefore, judging the outcome of a new situation from an old one is unnecessary. Every situation would determine its own outcome, and the outcome is dependent on the principles you apply, not the old one. So don’t be afraid to try again, don’t be afraid to do something new because this time, it will work out for your good. Hallelujah!


A bad experience in the past is not a determining factor for tomorrow’s success!


Heavenly Father! I thank you for the refreshment from your words because it has brightened my day. Therefore, I declare that I will only focus on making today a good story so the outcome of my tomorrow would be according to my plan. Amen!

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