“…I create the blacksmith, who builds a fire and forges weapons, I also create the soldier, who uses the weapon to kill…” Isaiah 54:16 (GNB)

It’s very easy to be intimidated in a world like ours, a world where new things spring up almost every day, a world where every man is in competition with his neighbor. A world where only men with talents are needed. So if you have some talents, which you are not using, this is the best time to use it, and if you feel you have no talents, you may just be wrong. Maybe your potentials are still hidden because you have not taken necessary steps to discover them, however, you can let out the potentials deep within you because you can and when you do, you are ready to let your gifts flow. You should not even say, “Your gifts or skills or potentials are not needed because you know many people around you with the same gifts, skills or potentials.”

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by the potentials of another man, and then you think because what you have or would like to do, is already being done by someone else, there is no need to make any effort. It is a wrong way of approaching life. The fact that someone else is already doing what you know how to do, does not mean you should do nothing. The gifts and potentials that God has given to you will always be needed by someone else and that someone else will never know you can help him except you display and bring out your potentials. God has positioned people around us, to locate what we have to offer when we start offering it. Until you unleash your talents, you will never know there are so many people around who can benefit from your gifts. We have Coca-cola and Fanta; these are very popular soft drinks worldwide, yet Pepsi and Miranda are still thriving in the market too. This simply means you can do what you desire to do or bring out your potentials, whether or not someone else possesses them. So start today because the world is waiting for you.


Someone needs your gift so let it out.


Dear Father, thank you for putting within me that seed of greatness, which flows from me as gifts. I declare that from today I will unleash my gifts to the world and make use of the abilities you have kept within me. Amen!


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