“…never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor…” —Romans 12:11 (AMP)

One thing you must fight to maintain in your life is zeal. A man without zeal can never achieve anything in life because zeal is the drive that you require to move to the next level of your life. In our opening scripture, Paul the apostle admonished us saying, “…never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavour…” why? Because it is a very important tool that is needed to utilize all opportunities that God is bringing our way, it is also a very important ingredient that is needed to make the most out of life. Therefore, you must guard and protect your zeal because if you lose it, you have lost the drive that you require in helping you to achieve major things in your life. One of the reasons you must guard your zeal is because this is one of the things that the devil attacks in our lives. He knows that if he can paralyze your zeal, he has you in his control. It is the attack of the devil on our zeal that brings about what is called discouragement. People get discouraged not because they want to but because their zeal has been attacked and now, they lack the drive and confidence to move on. This is why you hear stories of people who have committed suicide because they just couldn’t continue the race.

Some others gave up on their lifelong dreams because their zeal was attacked while others gave up on God and went back to the world because their zeal for God was no more. You must avoid all these with all vehemence. Never get to that point where your zeal for God begins to wane or your zeal to live begins to burn low, but rather be in that place in your life where your zeal is ever increasing. Do all you can to deliberately nurture your zeal using the word of God and trust me, you will be able to achieve all that God puts your heart to achieve both for the Kingdom and also for yourself as an individual. When you take a very close look at the life of Jesus, you see that He was never out of zeal. At all times, He was full of zeal and that was His propelling force. He knew what He needed to do per time and He went for it. As, a matter of fact, His zeal for the work of the Father was so much to the point that He said, “…I must do the works of He that sent me, while it is day…” John 9:4 (NKJV). So, no matter what you face or go through, learn to nurture your zeal, that you may be able to speak boldly like Jesus our Lord. Hallelujah!


Do all you can to deliberately nurture your zeal using the word of God!


By the power of the Holy Spirit, I decree this day that my zeal for God and life is like a burning and a shining light. No matter what happens, I will not lag in zeal and all that God requires me to achieve, I am achieving in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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