“…therefore, if you died with Christ from the basic principles of the world, why, as though living in the world, do you subject yourselves to the regulations…” Colossians 2:20 (NKJV)

Most times when we say Jesus Christ died for us, quite a lot of people do not fully understand the implications of that. They just see it as one of those things but the truth is that the death of our Lord Jesus Christ has a far deeper meaning or implication than an ordinary death. First, His death was a sacrifice which was offered for us for the propitiation of sins (1 John 2:2) and for the satisfaction of divine justice, so that we could be made free and justified forever (Romans 3:24). Secondly, His death separated us from the basic principles of this world and this is what I want to emphasize on today. You see as a human being in this world, you are not above the system of this world but subject to it. Meaning that the decay in the world in all areas has the right to catch up with you and afflict you. But the very moment you receive Jesus into your life, all that stops. You are delivered from the dominion of darkness, you are caught off from the legal control of the dominion of darkness and translated to the kingdom of God’s dear son, in whom we have redemption through His blood (Colossians 1:13-14).

Now, you are free from every satanic or demonic oppression, manipulations, and controls. You are no longer subject to the machinations of the devil because Jesus Christ paid the price for you through His sacrificial death. Your responsibility now is to live in the consciousness of this truth and let it become your everyday reality. Always remember that Jesus Christ died for this purpose, today you are legally free and the devil has no say over your life or anything that concerns you because you are very far from his reach. The Bible says in Colossians 3:3 AMP, that “… (as far as this world is concerned), you have died, and your (new, real) life is hidden with Christ in God…” Did you see that? Your life is hid with Christ in God. If the devil has to get to you, he needs to get to God, then to Christ and then to you. And you know he (the devil) is no match for God. So I admonish you today, to always remember Jesus Christ died for you. Let His death mean something to you because the knowledge of His sacrificial death will set off laws in the realm of the spirit that will ultimately bless you in the physical. Halleluiah!


Jesus Christ already died, you are free from every satanic or demonic oppression, manipulations, and controls!


Jesus Christ died for me and when He did, I died with Him from the basic principles of the world, therefore, I refuse to be subject the decays of this world but live above it and rule over it by the power of the Holy Ghost that dwells in me in Jesus name. Amen!



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