“….You have not chosen me, I have chosen you and ordained to you go forth and produce fruit….”John 15:16

In the midst of all the challenges that life brings your way, it is very important for you as a Christian to stay on God’s word and hold on tight to the promises of God that are in Christ Jesus. The challenges of life do not define who you are or what you can be, it is only the word of God that has the right to do so and one of the beautiful things that God’s Word says about you, is that you are chosen to bear fruit. It doesn’t matter what you go through or what you have been through, you must never lose sight of this truth. In our opening text, Jesus said, “you have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you, that you might go forth and produce much fruit and that your fruit should remain”. From this, you discover that a special kind of grace is at work in your life. No matter what happens to you in life, you have to accept the fact that there is a special unction of the spirit upon you that causes you to produce results and bear fruit. So at all times, you cannot be fruitless but fruitful. This unction will cause you to always triumph in whatever you do. Where ever you go, you will always succeed because you have the anointing to succeed.

So in this case, I encourage you to walk in the consciousness of this truth. When you find yourself in situations that seem difficult, remind yourself that you have the anointing to succeed and produce results, you are coming out of the situation successfully. Don’t sit down and watch the economy of the world oppress you, don’t become a victim in this world but rather take advantage of the anointing upon your life and activate it for results. Give yourself to diligent study of the word of God and pray in the Holy Ghost like never before. Make contact with the realm of the spirit through your prayers and change things for yourself because you have the power to do so. Refuse to accept defeat but rebuke all negative forces of darkness that try to steal your joy from you. Refuse to allow the troubles of life drown what you know and believe. Rather, let your knowledge of God’s word cause you to ride above every challenge and win in all things. So I encourage you to walk conscious of who you are in Christ Jesus and refuse to allow the challenges of life define who you are.


When you find yourself in situations that seem difficult, remind yourself that you have the anointing to succeed and produce results!


I am ordained for the harvest because a special unction of the Spirit is at work in me, I am unstoppable and indomitable because greater is He that is me than He that is in the world. So I walking in triumph because this is my destiny, this is who I am, I was born to win and prevail in all things in Jesus name. Amen!

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